Retirement and Financial Planning is a process for establishing your economic objectives, identifying your assets and developing a comprehensive financial plan. The result is your Financial Planning Report.

This personalized analysis will contain recommendations on how to best achieve your financial goals through risk management, tax planning, budgeting and investing.

A Three-Pronged Approach

A financial analysis takes a three-pronged approach to financial planning emphasizing risk management, asset management and income management.

Risk Management entails minimizing the effects of disability, loss of employment, premature death, liability losses, major medical, and long-term care expenses. A financial plan is only as good as its ability to diminish the impact of such events. Otherwise, any one of these could jeopardize your financial security

Asset Management means making sure that financial assets are properly coordinated with your objectives. This includes evaluation of the income and growth potential of your assets. It also means ensuring that your assets are structured to take full advantage of tax laws and inflation.

Income Management, when appropriate, refers to taking the fullest advantage of the money you earn. This is accomplished through budgeting, deferring taxes, sheltering income from taxes and investing part of your earnings.

Your Financial Analysis Report

After considering these issues, your financial planner will develop your personalized, confidential planning report. This comprehensive analysis may contain:

While Penn Group is capable of this type of multi-faceted planning, the majority of our work is focused on retirement planning, estate planning and portfolio analysis investment.